Struggling to get back on track

There are certain noises and feelings you don’t want to experience at the gym. The sound of someone dropping a huge weight followed by a scream. The feeling that you are about to pass out. For me, it was a pop and then a shooting pain in my left calf during step class. I thought maybe it was just a muscle cramp and tried to walk it off. It wasn’t happening. I could barely walk.

My walking boot

So, off to the doctor’s office I went.

The doctor’s office led to an X-ray and a trip to an orthopedic specialist. What I thought was just a pulled muscle was actually a torn Achilles tendon. I guess I should have been

thankful that it was only a slight tear. A ruptured Achilles would have required surgery and months of recovery and physical therapy. But a slight tear still means being confined to a walking boot for at least three weeks followed by 10 weeks of recovery.

What was I going to do?

Since I started working to lose weight over five years ago, there’s never been a time when I wasn’t active. Even when sick, I’d still try to get outside for some fresh air or just to take the dog for a long walk. So six weeks of little to no exercise was driving me crazy! I looked forward to physical therapy since it was at least a little bit of a workout.

Getting back to my routine

Four weeks ago, I was completely cleared to start working out again. I was excited and couldn’t wait to get back to the gym. But what used to be the high point of my day has turned into something I dread. I still love taking Zumba© and cardio-boxing, but getting back into the routine of training for a race has been difficult. I don’t know if I’m worried about getting hurt again or if the time off has sapped me of my motivation.

Blue Cross Broad Street Run is coming up soon, and I need to train. Do you have any suggestions on how to overcome training obstacles? I desperately need to get back on track!