Another wolf pack on the move…

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Dog in Canoe

Just like Layla, I’m also a member of a wolf pack of two – me and my nine-year-old pit mix, Maggie.

Maggie and Sarah in Wissahickon Creek

I never thought adopting a dog would lead to weight loss, but that’s what happened to me. I had never had a puppy before, so the world of house training and keeping a puppy from chewing on everything within reach (and some items that were definitely out of her reach yet still made it into her mouth) was new to me.

The only thing that solved both issues was walks. Lots and lots of very long walks. We walked at all hours of the day and night. At first I was annoyed. What did I get myself into? But then I realized that this little 25-pound creature was keeping me more active than I had been in years.

That was now nine years ago, but my little pit bull still gets me out several times a day. While I could just let her out in the backyard to do her business, I know that Maggie, and me, will be happier with a long walk and maybe a little running. We’ve hiked all along the Wissahickon and Forbidden Drive through the snow and cooled off in Devil’s Pool during heat waves. We even went snowshoeing in Vermont last year.
I feel lucky to have such a willing participant in my fitness activities.

I’m a senior communications specialist at IBX. I’m passionate about weight loss through fitness and healthy eating. I stay active by walking, running, and going to the gym. I also enjoy hiking with my dog along the Wissahickon trails.
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