Conquering CrossFit, Pt. 2: You’re going down, burpees

As I said in my post Monday, it’s really hard to fit everything I want to say about CrossFit Center City in a single post.

The first time I walked into the gym I was really nervous. I always thought of myself as a weak little girl who sometimes can’t even lift my heavy pocketbook. But looking back on the last two weeks, I can’t believe how much I have accomplished. My first reaction when I learn that I have to do something is always “I can’t!,” but this experience changed all that. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could do some of the things I did, but somehow it happened.

Here’s a rundown of my biggest accomplishments for each day of CrossFit Elements:

Day 1

I did a walk-up handstand. It took a couple of tries, but I did eventually walk up that wall, point my toes, and hung there for a minute. I also did about 20 or so pushups. For someone who can barely do two, that’s a huge accomplishment!

Day 2

My air squats had improved so much from the first class, Chris said they were beautiful! I also finished the Metcon second in the class. We had to jump rope 50 times, and then do 15 air squats four times.

Day 3

I survived! (Yes, this is an accomplishment.) I met my arch nemesis, burpees, yet again. We had to complete as many wall squats (throwing medicine balls against the wall while squatting) for four minutes, and then four minutes of burpees. I only did about 12. Ashley-0, Burpees-1.

Day 4

I lifted 40 pounds of dumbbell weights over my head. That has to be the most I have ever lifted!

Day 5

I learned how to do an Olympic weight lift. I also completed the “Fran” during Metcon first in my class, 21 thrusters, pull-ups, and squats, then 15 thrusters, pull-ups, and squats, then, finally, nine thrusters, pull-ups, and squats.

Day 6

Burpees … we meet again. This time, we had to start every minute with three burpees and then try to complete 50 overhead squats. I wanted to get those burpees over with fast so that I would have more time in between my minutes to do the squats. I completed this Metcon in 3:29. Ashley-1, Burpees-1.

Looking back, I can’t believe I did so much. It was challenging, but not out of my reach. If you think you can’t do it, think again. ANYONE can do it. Doesn’t matter how old you are, your size or shape, you can do it. CrossFit is not different from any of the other places I visited; you have to work at it to get better at it.

I also can’t say enough about the staff I met. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. The sense of camaraderie is evident when you walk in the door and watch the coaches and students interact.

I loved my time at CrossFit Center City. While I have no plans to ever become an Olympic weightlifter or compete in an Ironman, I do plan on taking more classes. If you are looking for a challenging new workout that is ultra rewarding, try CrossFit! If you are a fan of our Facebook page, you can even take advantage of our latest deal: save $25 on the class I took, Elements, (usually $75).

This workout was clearly my “Everest.” So tell me, what is the most challenging workout you’ve ever done?