Chocolate-covered calories

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Valentine’s Day is one of the few days of the year when we are expected to enjoy massive amounts of one of life’s precious gifts: Chocolate.

To have a well-balanced diet and eat chocolate takes serious planning

Chocolate-covered pineapple, chocolate-covered raisins, chocolate-covered peanuts, chocolate-covered caramel…you name it — I bet it tastes better covered in chocolate!

As you may have noticed, planning works best for me when it comes to sticking to healthy food choices. First things first, I have already requested that my fiancé and children do not surprise me with a gigantic box of chocolate-covered candy. A small heart with a few pieces of candy will be appreciated more than the larger box because it will reflect that they support my goal to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Now here’s the hard part: Will I eat the entire box of candy in one sitting, regardless of the size? A year ago, the answer to that question would have been, “Definitely!” But not today. My plan is to fill snack bags with two pieces of candy and refrigerate them. This way, when I grab my piece of fruit for lunch, I will only grab one of my candy treats.

And just think of it this way: I am kind of turning Valentine’s Day into Valentine’s week by only eating two pieces of candy a day!

A little something extra

In order to make this week-long Valentine’s Day work, I’ll have to do a little something extra for a few days. For example, I might skip my late afternoon granola bar, or go walk for half an hour during my lunch break, or play Just DanceTM on the WiiTM with my children in the evening.

My “something extra” will be something that makes me feel like I am enjoying one of life’s gifts, without compromising my healthy lifestyle.

It has to be possible to occasionally enjoy a little something extra without compromising my healthy eating habits or my “girlish figure,” right?

What are some of the things that you are doing to minimize those chocolate-covered calories?

I'm a senior business systems analyst at IBX. To date, I have lost 21 pounds and although it is an uphill battle, it is not a battle that I am prepared to lose. Be sure to stay tuned to my posts for engaging and interesting stories about how I plan to win!

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