It’s fun burning calories at the Blue Cross RiverRink

I am fortunate to come from a huge family. I spend much of my free time hanging out with my cousins because we enjoy spending time together. At any family party, you will find us all together laughing, telling stories, and planning our next outing.

One topic of conversation that you can always bet on us having is how we can be healthier. We are Italians, so naturally, we love sitting around a table, snacking on chips and dip and talking with our hands. I’m sure we burn some calories with our swift hand gestures, but recently, we tried thinking of some other activities that will get us out of the house.

Last weekend, I, along with my cousins Lauren, Nicole, and Janine, drove down to the Blue Cross RiverRink at Penn’s Landing. With age ranges from 19 to 27, we struggle with finding activities we can all do that is fun, inexpensive, and active. The Blue Cross RiverRink meets these standards and much more.

We arrived as the first skate session of the day began at 12:30pm. Lacing up our skates itself was a challenge, testing our strength while we pulled each lace tightly around the metal hooks. Then came the challenge of balancing on our blades while walking from the benches inside to the ice outdoors

I think we were all pretty nervous. Once our blades touched down on the ice, we were wobbly and unsteady. We started out pretty slow, keeping close to each other in case one of us fell. And don’t worry, there were plenty of close calls. But not one of us fell during the entire two-hour session! By the end we were pros, gliding around the oval like Michelle Kwon. Well, maybe not quite like Michelle Kwon, but we were really flying.

For each hour you skate around the ice, you burn 550 calories. So, in two hours, we each burned nearly 1,000 calories! (This is factoring in the breaks we took and the zamboni intermission.) Not bad for a Saturday afternoon.

I think it’s definitely worth checking out the Blue Cross RiverRink. You can’t beat the view overlooking the river front. Located just off Columbus Boulevard, it’s easy to get to. It’s also an inexpensive, fun, and healthy activity for the whole family to enjoy.

What are some other activities you enjoy that help you burn calories during the winter?

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